10 Reasons for Northern Virginians to Replace Fogged Glass & Torn Screens

Spring has sprung! The sun is shining, the grass is turning green, and the flowers and trees are blooming. American Screen and Glass is ready to help your glass and screen windows get ready for Spring. Are your windows ready for warmer weather? Should you Replace Fogged Glass & Torn Screens?

American Screen & Glass 10 Reasons To Replace Fogged Glass and Torn Screens
  1. Experience Spring. Fixing broken and fogged glass makes sure you can see and experience Spring through your windows!
  2. Keep those mosquitos at bay! The lack of winter in Northern Virginia this year means the bugs will be out early. Repair or replace your screens so you can open your windows and enjoy the warm weather without getting bit!
  3. The HOAs are doing inspections. They are looking for reasons to send out notices. Avoid getting a nasty gram in the mail.
  4. Curb appeal. Are you selling your home?  Make it look the best it can and increase your home’s value by replacing any broken glass, fogged glass, or torn and worn out screens.
  5. Save money. Fogged glass is not only unsightly it means the insulated seal is broken and the window can’t do it’s best to heat or cool. It may not be cold anymore but you know summer is on the way!  Don’t waste your dollars making your AC or heat work harder than it needs to.
  6. Avoid unnecessary stress. Waiting to replace those pieces of fogged glass or screens after you get a contract on your home, means waiting for the home inspector to find them. Doing repairs under a time crunch is stressful. Get a jump on the home inspector and be confident in your windows and doors.
  7. Enjoy your home, now. Planning to move in a few years? Why wait?  Enjoy the improvements to your home while you live there!
  8. Warranties! American Screen & Glass warranties most insulated glass replacements for 10 years against fogging and condensation with a 1 year labor warranty.
  9. You don’t need to redesign your home to get a fog-free, well screened window. American Screen & Glass can measure for custom screen replacements or rescreen existing frames that are in good condition.
  10. Your estimate is free! American Screen & Glass offers free written estimates, just call us at 703-763-5230 to set up your appointment today!

So what are you waiting for? Be ready for Spring and get the jump on Summer. We can’t wait to find out how we can improve your glass and screen windows.

February 28, 2017