Why Should I Repair My Windows?

The reasons why you should repair your windows are many and varied. They can be broken down into two categories: Function and Appearance



  • Windows won’t open. Your windows must be able to open properly. Opening windows allows fresh air in, access to clean glass, and the ability to let temporary smells inside your home escape. In some cases, being able to open your windows is necessary to provide egress for fire safety. For windows that go up and down it’s typically a problem with the springs in the side of your window, balances, or jambliners. For casement windows, it can often be an issue with the crank.
  • Fogged double pane glass. The seal has been compromised allowing condensation to get between the two panes of glass.  Fogged glass keeps sunlight from entering your home.
  • Window sashes that fall into your home. This may be a case of broken tilt-latches. Tilt-latches allow you to tilt your window sash in for cleaning.  They also keep the sash in place.  If the tilt-latches on your windows are broken, this can allow the window sash to fall or get blown into the home and break.
  • Missing or broken window locks. Locks are obviously important for safety, but they can be important to keep the window closed properly, too. 
  • Broken night latches. Night latches provide an extra layer of layer of security to help keep windows from opening fully.  Broken tilt latches allow the window to open fully, possible when unintended.
  • Missing, broken, or torn window screens. Opening windows without screens or with holes in them is a risky proposition.  It allows bugs, birds, and ever bats to come in.  It’s very important to keep screens in place and in good repair if ever opening your windows.
  • Window wood rot. It is important to address wood rot as soon as possible! If you have windows with sash or sill wood rot it can cause a whole host of problems.  The window may not open and close properly.  It may not lock. It is important to address wood as soon as possible.


  • Fogged glass or glass with broken seals are ugly.
  • Broken or missing hardware is unsightly and a nagging reminder that your home is in disrepair. Broken or missing hardware can include:
    • Broken locks, tilt latches, night latches, and cranks
  • Missing, broken, or torn screens look unattractive and, as previously noted, problematic.
  • Wood rot makes the outside of a home look sad.

Now that we have discussed the functional and appearance reasons for repairing your windows, let’s touch on the situations that get people to seek out a vendor for repair. Are you selling your home or staying in your home?


Sellers are looking at things through the eyes of potential buyers.  There are home inspections to consider, as well as how the home is perceived.  Appearance items will be off putting to a potential buyer or at the very least make them want to lower the price they are willing to pay.  Functional items will come up on the home inspection and be a point of financial negotiation.   Repairing your windows will make your home more sellable. 


Homeowners who are staying in their homes are looking to improve function and appearance for the best value.  Opening and closing your windows as intended and seeing through the glass adds value.  Repairing your windows will make your home more enjoyable and livable.  

American Screen & Glass has been in business for over 30 years. 

We are window repair specialists. 

In most cases we can:

  • Replace fogged glass
  • Replace or repair jambliners & balances
  • Replace window cranks
  • Replace tilt-latches
  • Replace window locks
  • Replace night latches
  • Replace missing or broken screens
  • Rescreen torn screens
  • Repair wood rot

We service areas close to our shop in Sterling such as Ashburn, Leesburg, Herndon & Reston but we also provide estimates and installation to most of Northern VA.   This includes most of Loudoun, Fairfax, Arlington, and Prince William counties.

Call American Screen & Glass today to schedule your free window repair estimate and find out if you should repair your windows.

February 21, 2024