Can Cracked Windows Be Repaired?

YES! YES! YES! (with a few exceptions)

American Screen & Glass can repair your cracked windows or door glass, well, sort of.  We can replace cracked glass instead of replacing the window or door by reusing your existing frame.

Most homes in Northern Virginia have double-pane insulated glass.  It doesn’t matter if one or both panes are broken.  Replacing it requires a new insulated glass unit.  That is two panes of glass factory sealed together.  All insulated glass units are custom ordered from the factory.  American Screen & Glass will come to your home and get all the necessary information on your insulated glass unit to get pricing from our supplier and give you a quote.  Factors include the type of glass, the color of glass, the type of grids if any, the type of window/door, and the difficulty of installation.


– There are a limited number of windows and doors that are not designed to be reglazed.  In this instance,  AS&G cannot replace the glass and a new window or door will be required.

– There are a few brands of windows and doors that have a specific Low E coating that cannot be duplicated.  In these instances, the glass cannot be replaced, and a new sash or door slab will be required.

If your home is older, it may have single-pane glass.  Many homes in Alexandria, Falls Church, and Leesburg have single-pane glass windows or doors.  Many basement and garage windows are also single panes.  The process for replacing the single-pane glass is typically quicker and a bit less expensive.  American Screen & Glass will come to your home for a free estimate to determine the type and thickness of glass, type of window/door, and difficulty of installation.  Most single-pane glass is in stock.  Tempered or patterned glass requires manufacturing and must be ordered.

Contact AS&G today for a free estimate to replace your cracked glass!

April 12, 2023