Can My Window Lock Be Repaired?

 That is such a simple question, but the answer is a bit more complex. Window locks are important. Everyone wants their home to be secure. In addition, locking windows helps to ensure proper function eliminating as much draft as possible. It doesn’t matter if you are staying in your home or selling it, you want to make sure your windows lock as intended.

In some cases, the window lock may be missing, or simply broken. In these instances, finding the appropriate lock becomes the key to success. It can be hard to find the right lock if a window is older or discontinued. But AS&G has been working with vendors for 30 years to find the exact lock you need. In most cases we can find matches, even with discontinued window brands and models.

The reason a window won’t lock can also be due to an underlying problem:

– broken balances (springs in the side of the window)

– a broken window crank (casement windows)

– a window that is out of square (due to house settlement)

– a window that is bowed (due to incorrect window size installation)

In these cases, the underlying problem must be resolved to make the window lock. American Screen & Glass can provide an estimate to replace broken balances and replace broken window cranks. Windows that are out of square or bowed typically require replacement to lock properly. AS&G can typically offer estimates for vinyl replacement windows in existing wood windows.

American Screen & Glass services most of Northern Virginia covering area from Alexandria, VA to Fairfax, VA to Loudoun, VA. So, no matter where you are in the NoVA area, you can be sure that we can help! Call AS&G at 703-471-4500 or fill out an online form to schedule a free estimate for window lock repair.

January 10, 2023