Window Repairs in Challenging Economic Times

What’s all the fuss about broken window repair?

Broken or fogged glass
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Record inflation and a slowdown in the housing market can cause anxiety about making home repairs. With just shy of 30 years in business American Screen & Glass has seen its fair share of interest rates and housing markets. As a result, we understand how important it is to be savvy when it comes to spending money if selling. This applies whether selling your home or staying put.

Broken Window Repair

Selling your home?

Making the decision on what to repair before you put your house on the Northern Virginia market is difficult. The market has slowed in recent months. Therefore, you need it to look its best. Most importantly, however, you don’t want to spend more than you need to.

Broken or severely fogged glass stands out and is probably a good idea to repair it beforehand. A potential buyer will likely be turned off by something so obvious. Contact us and we will come and give you a free repair estimate. AS&G can give you an estimate on other items that may be issues too, such as screens and window hardware. With our estimate in hand you can then make an informed decision regarding your priorities. What items would be best to fix before putting it on the market and what can wait?

Staying put?

Keeping your windows open is another way to reduce your cooling costs when the weather allows. Doing so for just a short time each day can reduce indoor pollutants as well. However, do you find yourself hesitant or unable to open your windows because of ripped or torn screens? American Screen and Glass can rescreen your existing screens for a fraction of the cost of new ones. Missing screens? AS&G can have new ones made for you.

Fresh air and sunshine can enhance feelings of well-being and may provide physical health benefits as well. Fogged glass not only clouds our view to the outside, but it also prohibits the sun from peeking through. Repairing broken window seals on your insulated glass windows results in clean, clear glass which allows the sunshine in.

It’s fall, why do I need to think about broken window repair now?

Fall and winter is the perfect time to address broken windows and glass doors! Everyone wants to have their screens fixed in spring and summer but that is when the wait time is longer.

In addition to repairing glass and screens, American Screen & Glass can almost always replace those broken window parts. If your windows won’t stay up, tilt, or lock properly contact us or give us a call to schedule a free estimate. That way your windows will operate properly, and you can open them to allow nature to cool your home and let the fresh air in.

November 15, 2022