How to Spruce Up Your Winter Interior with Glass

The holidays are over, and the decorations are down.  Winter is the perfect to spruce up your interior!  American Screen and Glass is here to help you make those tables shine, put some sparkle in your bathrooms, and give your home gym some energy! Table Tops Glass tops protect and add beauty to your furniture pieces.  Dining tables, end tables, nightstands, desks are all great candidates for a custom tabletop from American Screen & Glass.  AS&G comes to you! We will measure, make, deliver, and install the glass.  We offer a variety of thickness, edges, several colors, and tempered safety

Are Your Windows and Doors Ready for Fall?

Vacations are winding up, school is starting, and cooler weather is just around the corner. If spring and summer kept you too busy, now is your chance to get your windows and screens fixed so you can enjoy the beautiful fall air that is coming our way! Make sure your windows and doors are ready for Fall: Replace torn mesh in window and door screens or get new screens so you’re ready to let the fresh Fall air in. You will be able to open your windows and keep them open as long as you want without letting in insects.

10 Reasons for Northern Virginians to Replace Fogged Glass & Torn Screens

Spring has spung! The sun is shining, the grass is turning green, and the flowers and trees are blooming. American Screen and Glass is ready to help your glass and screen windows get ready for Spring. Are your windows ready for warmer weather? Should you Replace Fogged Glass & Torn Screens? Experience Spring. Fixing broken and fogged glass makes sure you can see and experience Spring through your windows! Keep those mosquitos at bay! The lack of winter in Northern Virginia this year means the bugs will be out early. Repair or replace your screens so you can open your windows